Polyurethane Components

polyurethane parts
polyurethane elastomere parts

Polyurethane Parts

Queensland Rollers and Liners is a leading manufacturer of polyurethane components that are custom engineered to a range of colours and hardness to suit specific customer requirements.

The Benefits of Polyurethane Components

Polyurethane offers a remarkable range of properties that enable the material to be used in a broad range of industries and applications.

The tools and moulds used for making polyurethane products can often be produced very inexpensively. Polyurethane is frequently chosen for short production runs and for manufacturing special items on short notice.


Plastic machining offers an alternative to traditional steel, stainless steel and aluminium parts. Plastic machined parts can be used as replacements for OEM parts or on newly developed machine components. Polyurethane machined parts are lightweight and cost effective alternatives.

Getting Polyurethane Components To Work For You

Queensland Rollers and Liners can cast polyurethane parts to a near net shape and then further CNC machine the part according to exact specifications and dimensions.

Queensland Rollers and Liners supply polyurethane elastomer components for any application (Shore Hardness range of 20A – 80D).

Why choose Queensland Rollers and Liners?

We will discuss your project with you to determine compounds to suit your requirements. Our production methods mean reduced wear on associated components and longer intervals between changeovers.
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The benefits:

  • Lower labour costs
  • Long life
  • Lower initial cost
  • Less stockholding required
Lets discuss your options. Team up with QRL today.