Printing rollers for the print and packaging industry

print rollers

Print Rollers

QRL specialises in the manufacture of new print rollers and restores used ones for print press machines in the newspaper, magazine and label industries using high quality rubber compositions.

New print rollers

We can manufacture you any type of roller to any size you require, and will surpass industry and competitor standards.

Restored print rollers

We can restore your used roller to exceed its original condition quicker and cheaper than our competitors, and is the most inexpensive way to maintain your print press machine.

print rollers

Custom rubber formulations

QRL Ink Elite

This ink formulation maximises ink distribution, transfer and rheology to provide consistent press stability, and can be used when you alternate the use of conventional and UV Inks.

QRL Hydro Elite

This water dampener provides consistent and uniform water film transfer, and can be used with any dampening solution, with or without IPA.