Rubber Moulding

Custom Rubber Moulding

Rubber Parts and Rubber to Metal Bonding

QRL offers Australian made rubber parts at competitive pricing and high quality. We will work with you to reduce your costs and continue to work on product development.

We can make any rubber parts to your requirements, including Vibration Mounts, Bushes, Engine Mounts, Harmonic Balancers.


Examples of our work

How we work with you to meet your needs

Whether it be High volume, Prototyping or R&D, this is a guide on how we work.

  • You have an idea or need for a rubber moulded item.
  • You provide us with a drawing or sketch, estimate of quantity required, details of end use, and any special requirements.
  • We determine the best moulding method to use based on size, shape, hardness, flow, and cost of material for the item you want us to produce.
  • Compression Moulding is often chosen for medium hard compounds, in high volume production, or applications with particularly expensive raw material. Rubber is preloaded into the mould, and compressed under pressure to fill the cavity, as in the drawing below.
  • Transfer Moulding differs in that a pot on top of the mould is filled with rubber which is forced through gates or sprues to fill the cavity. This application is more suited to intricate moulds.
  • We design a suitable mould and cost out your item based on your estimated requirements.
  • You approve our costing and give us the go ahead to produce.
  • We manufacture your mould (either in house or by our reputable partners), purchase any steel that may be required, and program for production.
  • We provide a sample for your approval, then commence full production.
  • We deliver your items within our specified lead time.


How we work together in the future.

  • You order required number of items.
  • We produce to your specifications.
  • We deliver on time.

Compression moulding

compression rubber moulding

Transfer moulding

rubber transfer moulding

Custom Rubber Moulding Capabilities

MOULD PROCESS TYPES : Compression, Transfer
MATERIAL : EDPM, Natural, Neoprene, Nitrile, Silicone
EQUIPMENT : 4 horizontal presses with multiple daylights
PLATEN SIZES : 300mm x 400mm, 600mm x 600mm, 900mm x 900mm
CLAMPING FORCE : Up to 270 ton
TOLERANCE : High Precision
TESTING : Durometer Gauges
QUALITY : Certified Materials
PRODUCTION VOLUME : Prototype, Short R&D runs, High Level Production
TYPICAL LEAD TIME : Quantity dependant, but typically 2 – 3 weeks
ADDITIONAL SERVICES : In house Tooling, Notching, Punching, Specialty Packaging

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