Rubber Rollers


Rubber Rollers Delivered Australia Wide

Queensland Rollers and Liners is able to supply or custom-build rubber rollers to suit your needs. We manufacture all types of custom rubber or polyurethane rollers, rubber linings, and other components. We can also repair and engineer new roller cores and sleeves to your requirements. For information and a quote, please contact us today.

Queensland Rollers and Liners (QRL) have operated in the rubber and polyurethane elastomer industry for over 35 years.
We manufacture exceptional rubber moulded parts, linings and rollers. The QRL team have considerable experience in the industry, most of our dedicated staff having worked with us their whole careers.

Specialities and Industry Applications

QRL specialises in Rubber and Polyurethane elastomers. We supply products for Industrial, Engineering, Mining, Agricultural, Marine, Automotive, Print and Packaging applications. Rubber Rollers are built using the latest extruder technology.

The requirements for each industry vary significantly from customer to customer and industry to industry. Our team is well versed in the requirements of all types of applications for all types of rollers and liners.

Materials We Use

• Natural rubber
• Neoprene rubber
• Nitrile
• Ebonite
• Hypalon
• Polyurethane
• Silicone

Why choose Queensland Rollers and Liners?

We will discuss your project with you to determine compounds to suit your requirements. Our production methods mean reduced wear on associated components and longer intervals between changeovers.
rubber roller cost

The benefits:

  • Lower labour costs
  • Long life
  • Lower initial cost
  • Less stockholding required
Lets discuss your options. Team up with QRL today.