roller recovering
Roller grinding and polishing

Services – Rubber and Polyurethane Grinding

Queensland Rollers and Liners can recover, re-grind, polish and groove all of your rubber and polyurethane components. We have an autoclave that is capable of curing sizes up to two meters in diameter and six meters in length.

We can also steel grit blast, engineer new roller cores and bond all types of rubber to various metals.

Roller Recovering

We remove surface impurities from your used roller to restore its surface condition, and treat the surface with a primer and rubber bonding agent.

This service is the most cost-effective way to restore your roller.

Roller Grinding and Polishing

• Parallel
• Tapered
• Concave
• Convex

Rubber and Polyurethane Grooving

• Chevron
• Chequered
• Diamond
• Herringbone
• Horizontal ruling
• Spiral
• Step and plunge
• Web spreader


To eliminate damage to your roll cover, we recommend leaving the roll in its transport case. If there’s no case support roller on shafts.

Keep protective wrap on roller to reduce Ultra Violet light exposure. Ideal storage temperatures range between 15-30 degress celsius.


To prevent wear and tear, check the roll surface regularly for contaminants, fatigue and damage.

Cleaning, repairing and grinding can substantially lengthen the service life of rubber and polyurethane.

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